Ellie is a musical director, pianist, fixer, arranger, mentor and teacher. Her work crosses a broad range of genres from musical theatre, contemporary pop and rock, jazz and classical music. For over 25 years, she has worked with young people who aspire to work in the performing arts, and is a freelance accompanist, choir leader, soloist and recording artist.

She is a qualified massage therapist, specialising in the treatment of performing arts professionals, students and people with special needs. She continues her professional development at the Jing Institute in Brighton. She is also a passionate advocate of incorporating holistic and mindfulness teachniques into her teaching, to promote mental and emotional well-being.

Ellie is currently a musical director and teacher at the Read Dance and Theatre College in Reading. She works regularly as an MD in the West End, and for actor-musician productions.

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Current work in production: Frankenstein (UK Tour, Blackeyed Theatre), the MS Songbook concept album recording (MD / Keys), produced by Rory Sherman, and produced in association with Simon Grieff.

Recent work includes: MD for the Frankfurt premiere of The Last Five Years (The Musical Season)Assisting Toward Infinity director (Tim Sidwell) / reading orchestral scores for the filming of Bring Me The Horizon's gig for the Teenage Cancer Trust (Royal Albert Hall). MD for Twelfth Night (Reading Between The Lines Theatre Company, South Hill Park and Henley-on-Thames)

"Ellie, you bring joy wherever you go"

Dr Robin Fenton, Composer and Senior Music Educator